I am no longer developing Dolphin modules. My new project is here. Continue reading for more details.

This site is closed. I am no longer going to be producing Dolphin modules. Boonex has announced that it will discontinue support and development of Dolphin by December 2023. Thats just over 3 years from now.

I have decided at this time to create a derivative of Dolphin. The terms of the CC-BY license that Dolphin is released under give me the right to create a derivative. So i have chosen to do just that. This new product is called Cheetah, and i am actively working on it. Pretty much all of my modules that i had written for Dolphin will be built into Cheetah over time.

At the moment, it is still a work in progress, and a lot still needs to be done. The site for this product is at

I will announce when the first beta of the product is ready on that site. I still need to get a new licensing system in place, the documentation wiki, the github repo, a market for modules and a few other things. I hope to have it ready within a couple of months.